Trade Waste

Trade waste is commercial and industrial liquid waste that is disposed of through the City Council sewerage system, e.g. discharge from restaurants, takeaway outlets, food processors, metal finishers, service stations, and chemical manufacturers. Trade waste does not include wastewater from toilets or bathrooms.

The increasing number of commercial and industrial operations results in a significant increase in the amount of trade waste discharged through the sewer network. Trade waste is not necessarily toxic but can be harmful if discharged directly into the sewer without first having problem substances removed. Such substances can:

  • harm people's health and safety as well as the environment
  • corrode or block sewer pipes
  • create odours
  • put extra demands on treatment at the wastewater treatment plant

We are proud to be making cost effective and productive cleaners/sanitisers that make a difference and look after our environment, while reducing the number of products needed to be used on sites or in the home, which in turn reduces the carbon foot print.

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