Your Organic Solution to a Clean Green Environment

Bio-Zyme Cleaner is a NZ made environmentally preferable and user friendly cleaner, degreaser, sanitiser and deodorizer. It is the safer and healthier alternative to toxic cleaners, solvents, caustics and bleaches. It is a naturally fermented enzyme product made from naturally sourced plant based ingredients, with wide spectrum bacteria control. Bio-Zyme has a very low impact on the environment and is non-hazardous & non corrosive.

Bio-Zyme Cleaner concentrated formula has a natural lemon fragrance and can be used full strength or diluted with potable water at a dilution rate of 1:30 (30 ml/1 litre water). Used more commonly as a cleaner to eliminate smells and soils while keeping drains clean and free flowing. Safe for the user and the environment, while reducing the number of chemicals used on site or home.

Bio-Zyme Cleaner can be applied using:
Spray bottle, foaming applicator or bucket and mop.
Can be used on any washable surface, floors, toilets, urinals, urinettes, carpets, drains, rubbish bins, fish bins.
Suitable for domestic use

BioGro Certified, Environmental Choice, MPI Approved C32, Cleaner Sanitiser
Dairy approved and recognised
Endorsed by NZ Leading Septic Tank manufacturers
Endorsed by NZ City/District Councils
Recyclable No 2 Plastic
Hills Laboratory Testing

1 Ltr, 5Ltr, 20 Ltr, 200Ltr & 1000 Ltr

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